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Gourdlets Twitch Integration

This is an integration that works with the Gourdlets steam demo.  Gourdlets is a city-building sandbox: no objectives, no points, just building.

Setup (it’s easy, I promise):

1. Click on the settings gear icon in the top right corner

2. Type in your twitch channel name, and click "GO!"

3. That's it! This entire process is demonstrated in the above 10 second video.

Future work / feedback:

If any streamers (or your viewers) have any features you want to see in this integration for the final release, I would love to hear from you! Also, if you have any issues with this, or any feedback whatsoever for me, I (Preethi, the developer, hi!), would love to hear from you. Please contact me directly at, or feel free to DM me on twitter @AuntyGames. I absolutely love hearing from streamers and will read your message if you reach out.

Also, feel free to join my streamer/contact creator email list here! 

What it does:

(tl;dr, check out the 10 second video below)

With this extension, your viewers will be able to type !gourdlets into the chat, and see their username appear over the head of one of the Gourdlets. If all the Gourdlets in the village are already named, then nothing will happen, but as soon as a new arrival steps off of the monorail, they are able to be named.

Check out the 10 second video below for the full demonstration of how to set it up, and what it can do!

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